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PostHeaderIcon Twists Of Fate In Anime:Who are they?

By Jorge Paiz

In anime we often come across characters who at first seem very evil  or very good based on their personality. However in anime their are often heroes who are flawed in a sense of the moral norm that heroes are expected to live by in a story. They are also sometimes characters who appear to be lighted hear ted and loving but then end up turning into the worst enemy from hell! In this article I will name the top 10 Twist of fate characters.

10. Greed (Full Metal Alchemist)

Greed as those of you who watch Full Metal Alchemist would know is named after one of the seven deadly sins. Being that Greed is one of the seven homunculis  the name suits his personality. He’s greedy sees everyone and everything as his own personal possession. However despite the fact that he has a selfish personality, Greed also has a sense of compassion and moral for the people he claims and owns as his friends. Greed also Happens to have a zero tolerance for lying. By the end of the series he develops in a chracter of oral structure but realizing that the only true thing he wanted was not immortality but friends

9.Walter C. Dornez (Hellsing)

Now what makes this character so interesting is his transition form good to evil, as I was watching Hellsing both Ultimate and first series I never once figured that Walter the very butler of Integra hellsing and weapons specialist of Alucard would sell out his own team to a Nazi ghoul raising major. The plot twist of this character betraying the organisation he loyally served giving almost no hint that he would even betray them blows you away. Though he does have a cynical personality    it in no way even points the finger that he would betray them.

8. Gajeel Redfox (Fairy Tail)

This was a very interesting twist of Fate for this anime series for this character Gajel Redfox was off the bat off the bat a the most meanest and cruelest villain’s ever shown in Fairy Tail that you come across. He first starts off as the Phantom guilds steel dragon, just how Natsu is Fairy Tails fire dragon. This was an interesting opposition at first for usually the worst enemy of fire is water but in this face off we get steel versus fire which is a pretty interesting element battle. In the series after which the phantom guild is disbanded Gajeel joins Fairy tail so that he can find work and have a guild to belong to.  The transition of him becoming good in fairy tale is also a unique transition, almost every one objects to him being part of the guild since he almost destroyed however the guild’s philosophy tells them that yesterdays enemy is tomorrow’s friend.  At first he shows no interest  in makeing any sort of friend in fairy tale but due to his tenacious personality he forms a strong packed with Natsu and the rest o the fairy tale guild. His turning from bad to good make this character more memorable and needless to say more bad ass.

7. Master Asia (G-Gundam)

Master Asia was one character who’s development had some pretty interesting twists leading to many turn of events in the gundam series. When your first meet him you find out that he is Domon Kashu’s Master who taught him the ways of martial arts and gundam fighting. Though as wise and humble as Master Asia appears he then later reveals that he has dark side in which he then turns on his pupil Domon. Then later revealing that it all was a part of training Domon so the Domon could defeat him in a Gundam fight in an honorable way. This gives Master Asia a very complex and unique character whom you can not predict what he will do next.

6. All the Yu-Gi-Oh Vilains

Now i know what your all probably thinking how can all the yu-gi-oh Villains have twists of fate as characters? Well let’s look at the development of some of these characters like Pegasus for example we first see him as an evil corporate master mind child . seeing as he imprisoned the  souls of Yugi’s grandpa Kaiba’s brother Mokuba as as Kaiba himself. However in the end of the Duelest Kingdom  saga he reveals that hes not really evil he just wants to find a way to bring back a his lost love who died the day they were supposed to get married then there’s Merak who was not evil to begin with he was just a lonely misunderstood child. All giving them twists of fate that non of them were really evil just had obscure ways of going about there issues

5.Lucy (Elfin Lied)

Now What can we say about Lucy well at first you find out she is a deadly experiment who possesses the ability to kill anyone that  get’s in he way or pisses her off. How ever  as we get more into the story we see that there is a different side of Lucy that acts like a new born child or a 5 year old, with being able to say one word which is Nyuu.  This is later revealed to be a split personality of Lucy that allows her to interact more humanly with out killing anyone. However lacking human social skills it’s up to Kouta and Yuka to teach  her manners and common ways of  interacting with people. In a away this takes the character Lucy from being a blood thirsty killing machine to a misunderstood girl. Also the fact that this characters back story is pretty dark you can’t really blame her I won’t spoil it on here but this anime is worth checking out. Specially if you like that perfect blend of innocence and blood and gore that will make you cry.

4. Vegeta and Piccolo (DragonballZ)


Now DragonballZ has had quite a few twists of fate characters who’s development transcended with good passe, tone , and personality Thos characters would be Vegeta and Piccolo. Now Piccolo for a good long while in the Dragonball saga was one of Goku’s main antagonist’s.  However as an antagonist Piccolo had reason to be  one after Goku did kill his father king Piccolo. though as much of an advisory Piccolo was wanting to conquer the earth, Often at times he would team up with Goku and the other z fighters  to save it. So as much as Piccolo wanted to conquer the earth and defeat Goku he knew when it was time to put conquest and grudges aside to fight for a greater cause.  Even if it mean teaming up with his enemy, whom he then developed a new found respect and friendship with every time they have to team up and save the earth. This causes Piccolo to have a progressive change of heart, to where he not only respects Goku but honors him by even taking on the responsibility to train his son while Goku is Dead and training in the spirit world. This let’s Piccolo  come to a realization that he can no longer be the the conquering tyrant he was born to be but rather a protector to a planet he learns to adapt as his home. Vegeta’s character had a similiar twist of his own fate but with a different passe and progression then Piccolo. While Piccolo was someone who’s  heart was changed due to the bond’d he made with Goku and Gohan defending the earth multiple times, Vegeta ‘s   goals where much more ambitious with the determination of becoming the strongest Super Saiyan that ever lived and to become stronger then Goku.


Now Vegeta from the start was not only a ruthless bad ass, but also had a huge ego however he did have compassion for his race  that he lost. With seeing how Goku lives his life style as  laid back Saiyan with family to care for, Vegeta then tries to make himself stronger by taking on the lifestyle and training method that Goku lives and practices. Though he takes this with the means to out do Goku in anyway possible. Since Goku trained in 100 times normal gravity Vegita Decides to train in 300 times gravity. Goku’s son Gohan  becomes strong enough to defeat cell, Vegeta becomes determined to make his son Trunks stronger then Gohan.  though still maintaining a rather complicated friendship with Goku Vegita manages to turn every single challenge they face into a sport of who can defeat their adversary. This eventually causes Vegeta to be controlled by Bobbitty and go rogue   again, after fighting Goku while being under Bobbitys spell and sacrificing himself to kill Majin Buu, Vegeta then realizes  that the reason why Goku is stronger is because he cares not about being stronger but rather he cares about protecting his planet and the ones he cares about. So in the end Vegeta learns to let go of his ego and pride a nd becomes a better person but still keeping a bad ass persona.

3. Vash The Stampede (Trigun)

Vash The Stampede is character who has reputation the proceeds him, hes known as the Typhoon doom gunslinger who can take on an entire army single handily marking him the most wanted man alive. Frankly Vash had all the skills to back it up, however people describe to be cold and ruthless killing with out thinking twice. However Vash has kind, gentle and caring personality which adds  an interesting contrast being that he is a man with an intimidating reputation but has a Kind heart and does what it rightfully Just. This gives hime a unique twist of  fate.

2. Sausuke Uchiha and Itachi Uchia (Naruto)

One of the Most  talked about twists of fate would have to be the dynamic duo of Sausuke Uchiha nd Itachi Uchiha. Both brothers living two different paths that surprise the hell out of their fan base. How may you ask? Let’s see Itachi killed his whole clan except his brother Sausuke, which then causes Sausuke  to become angry with vengeance to kill his brother for the horrible act that he did making Sausuke a bad ass protagonist. However we then find out that Itachi killed his clan including his family minus his brother because he believed in what the Hokage stood for and would do what ever it takes to preserve it.  This creates  a very interesting twist because it reveals Itachi who was once viewed as evil as so,one who was secretly good.  Though playing dangerously close to the dark side whiich in this case is the Akatsuki. This also twists Sausuke’s fate for once he finds out the truth it changes his persona and chracter completely. At first Sausuke  leaves the leaf village trying to severe any bonds he had with anyone like Sakura, Naruto and Kakashi. Sausuke does this because he feels he will become stronger with out friends or bonds in order to kill his brother which he does successfully.  However Sausuke keeps a shred of mercy and humanity in him while hes doing this up until he find out the cold truth about his brother. Which makes disregard any and all friendships on either side  so that he can accomplish his new goal which is destroying the leaf village for having his brother kills his family and forcing him to kill his own brother as well as being kept in the darkness about it all. These are the first two anime characters where the twist of their fates just work off each other in a polar opposite way. Itachi having a dark evil persona and being good. Sausuke having good persona then becoming evil , however his fate does not end their for his brother does comeback which alters Sausukes fate again. I won’t say how but it I will say this it blows your mind.


1. Beatrice (Umineko)

Now Beatrice is character from the anime known as Umineko, Now when first introduced to this character she comes off as a very cruel  person who gets her kicks from torturing people. Not only that she also has reputation in both heaven and hell as being one of the cruelest witches that ever lived. Though at times she can be pleasant and majestic person  to be around. As the story  progresses we see that Beatrice has very child like personality to her as well. In fact she was described by her teacher a being a naive child  who loves to play with toys with out fear of breaking them. Also her relationship with the character Battler whom which Beatrice always torture in more ways then one  is very key point as to how the progression and mystery of Beatrice’s nature really is. Though Beatrice has cruel nature of leading Battler on , she has reason and purpose for why she does it. Not only that  Battler’s  reaction to seeing Beatrice as well as him not accepting existence   unravels the reason why shes is the way she is towards him adn why she is very cruel. In the end we find out the reason why Beatrice is so cruel is because of the promise battler made to her  and how she was his long and lost forgotten love. So because of this Beatrice doe what she can to keep battler in the game by torturing him, screwing him over in teh game, turning him to furniture because she does not want to lose his presence. as much as it hurts her to torture and kill the one she loves she has reason behind it. Which makes her out not to be a cruel evil witch but rather someone who seeks the love and affection of the one she cares about. So she show her affection in anyway shape or form until she receives the same love and affection back. A lot of people can relate to this because we all had that one person who had feelings for us o we had feeling for them but didn’t know how to express it or we had  or have feelings for someone but simply have neglected them  unintentionally  and hurt them unintentionally. This makes her  a twist of fate most people can relate to and understand.

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