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Everything now has its own community. Hip hop and clubs, rockers and metal heads have their concerts and in some towns even their own clubs. Anime fans have conventions and who thought geeks party as hard as we do. Yes Anime fans and cosplayers go raving in conventions. For some reason many conventions have started throwing rave parties for cosplayers and anime fans. I find it so cool and for lack of a better phrase, in style. Raves seem like the right type of parties for geeks and nerds.


I was talking to Jorge Paiz ( the radio show host) and he said. “It started with techno because us geeks and nerds love technology. So since techno makes robotic sounds it suits us.” Wise words from the chairman of ACFRADIO.COM

I first started going to anime conventions in 2012. When I heard that there was going to be a convention my jaw dropped.

The point is that people outside of the anime convention think that all we do is watch anime and play video games. However when you tell someone that we go raving and dancing to electronic(Thank you skrillex) their eye brows raise like something is just out of place.

Not only have cosplayers made conventions throughout USA popular but also the rise of rave parties and electronica music have made our industry popular as well. In order words is not just about sitting in front of the screen and watching the thousand episode of naruto fillers. Now it is a community in which we meet new people, dance, celebrate, meet voice actors, do cosplay photo shoots and blast dub step music in the building.

Nerds and geeks are not what they used to be.

Nerd culture has changed dramatically and we have many people to thank for that. You see nerds and geeks are no longer those who sit in front of a computer screen with glasses and bad hygiene. Nerd and geeks are no longer those kids with no friends that stay home playing video games all day and collect comic books and action figure. We have created our own world through conventions and anime social websites and other forms of medias.


We have something to look forward to every month or so.

Did you know that there are rave parties outside of anime conventions. In New York City the Japanese electronic singer called Reni Reni host many rave parties every year.

So what is the point in this article. The point is that you as a geek or nerd or anime fan ( call your self what you will) no longer have an excuse. Nerds and geeks are no longer loners, our community has become more social than it was a decade ago.

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