WHy ash ketchum of pokemon is still 10 years old

By: Big Andy

I am sure if you grew up with Pokemon then you understand the question. Why is Ash Ketchum of Pokemon still 10 years old.  Isn’t it a little weird to you. Just a little weird that Pokemon has been out for about 15 years and the creators never bothered to make a series where Ash is grown up you know. It seems to me like Ash has been traveling the entire Pokemon world in just one year. That would be the only explanation as to why Ash has not grown up yet. Being an author my self I know that if it has to do with the story then I would not age my characters.

Pokemon has the most amount of episodes next to dragon ball z. With over 700 episodes and still more to come. You are telling me that Satoshi Tajiri could not design an older version of Pokemon. There are 360 days in one year. Unless the Pokemon world has different laws of physics and different set of hours, Ash should be at least 12 years old by now.


Does that sound weird or what. Ever heard of the Rugrats (Nickelodeon cartoon). The Rugrats shitted millions of dollars in the early 2000′s and as the Rugrats fans grew so did the characters as well. Eventually as years passed the creators of Rugrats made a “Rugrats all grown up” series and it made perfect sense.

Even Dragon Ball Z through their millions of episodes have aged their characters. We literately watched Goku get married and his son Gohan grow up and have kids as well. We watched the entire Dragon Ball Z roster getting old. It only makes sense right. But the creators of Pokemon refuse to age Ash. I understand that Pokemon is for kids but give me a break. Pokemon fans now a days stretch from age 9 to age 35. I am dead serious. I have friends who are still in college playing Pokemon.

Here at Anime And Comics Fandomania we have come to a conclusion as to why this famous character is still ten years old.

I like to attack the reality of things. So the first thing I am going to as to why Ash is still ten years old.

The Pokemon franchise shits money. Seriously. 2 billion a year. So to the creators is like “Hey why stop what we are doing if it keeps generating cash my friends.” Why age ash if he still wins the hearts of young fans and even those people in their 30′s still playing the video game.

Satoshi tajiri and the other Pokemon creators are well aware that the first generation (heck even the second and third generation) of Pokemon fans have grown up. But they dont bother to make Ash any older.

This is a huge complain from the fans. People do like to see change in any tv series that they watch. Pokemon was made for children. That is something we have to keep in mind.

Misty and Ash

This is never going to happen. WHY!? Because Pokemon is a kids show and we all know that little boys dont start to really like girls until they are 13 or older when their hormones start to act in strange ways. it is without a doubt that Misty long wanted ash romantically but Ash is too childish to know what is is like to be with a girl. He is eternally young.

ash and misty

Pokemon is not suppose to present sex or romantic relationships between children. I think fans always wanted to see Ash and Misty be together. Shit. Aang of the last airbender is 12 years old and he gets down with Kitara since episode one of the avatar nickelodeon show dudes.

Pokemon is immature and it is going to stay that way. Untill Satoshi feels like is time to market to the older audience in pokemon.