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I dare say it as a big fan of Naruto. For the longest time I believe that the creators of  Naruto have made it too obvious my friends. Naruto will become the sage of six paths. I think everyone that is a fan of Naruto knows this more than anything. Yes the blonde hair ninja is destine for great things I mean his father is a former hokage, much like Jaden Smith is the son of hollywood superstar Will Smith. Naruto inherit success that his father left behind. After hearing the tale of the sage of six paths that is supposedly a myth in the Naruto world, I knew that the loud mouth ninja was destine to take his place and here is why.

Uchiha vs Senju


The Uchiha and the Senju are eternal rivals. They are the descendants of Rikudo the sage of six paths. Since the very beginning these two blood lines have been fighting and still at the latest episode of Naruto they are still fighting. The sage of six paths chose his youngest son who was gifted with physical stamina and power because he believe that the world will be healed with love much like Naruto. On the other hand his older son who was gifted with massive chakra believe in brutal force to win. That is Naruto and Sasuke right there. That is why these two have been fighting for so long. Although the Uchiha have the sharingan, the Senju can still defeat them because of their endless talent.

The Sharingan, Rinnegan and the Byakugan

According to the history of the sage of six paths, he mastered the sharingan which evolved into the Rinnegan. According to the second Hokage who was Hashirama’s brother. The Sharingan is awaken with the pain of lost or when in an emotional trance. That is why Sasuke was able to complete his sharingan when he fought Naruto in the waterfall. Realize that Sasuke had to fight his brother to gain the mangekyo sharingan. The Uchiha have to be in an emotional trance to evolve their sharingan or to gain it. The Uchiha is a cursed clan says the second Hokage.

Now here is more evidence that Naruto will become the next sage of six paths. Rikudo acquired both the sharingan and rinnegan. Now his wife was a byakugan user. Now the question is, how the Hyuga clan became part of the leaf village? That is a mystery and will be explained in the next thousand chapters of Naruto as we all know. So with his wife Rikudo had two sons. One became a Senju and the other a Uchiha. Or at least that is the name they gave their clans. Since naruto is a Senju and his love is Hinata (at least now she is) who is a byakugan user, this reflects a destiny similar to Rikudo. Do you see where I am coming from.

The historical patterns match don’t they. Rikudo is the one who defeated the ten tail beast and in the recent chapters of Naruto, what is it that all the villages are doing. Fighting the ten tail beast with Naruto as their front man. Is that cool or what.

Kyubi mode


Everyone saw how cool it was when Naruto learned the sage mode that Jiraiya showed him (or at least his toads did). However once got his nine tails mode when he became one with the nine tail beast everyone thought it was incredible. Naruto looks very similar to the sage of six paths in the kyubi mode. Dont you think so.

Naruto stands for and believes in the same thing Rikudo believes in.

Naruto will become hokage once he defeats the ten tail beast and he will also become the sage of six paths. He has to become the sage of six paths because Sasuke is going to become the next Madara and you guys know it. They are eternal rivals.

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