World of WarCraft History – Has the world become one with the Player?

By: Jorge Paiz

World of Warcraft has been one of the most played online MMORPG’s for the past 8 years with over 70 million players from all around the world as of  today. Now to some people World of Warcraft is just another online computer game.  But that’s far from the truth World of Warcraft or “WOW” as some people call it for short has broken ground into not just the online gaming world but into the real world in ways never thought possible.

From the burning crusade to the recent newest expansion Mists of Pandaria, Wow has given players a Battle chest full of fun. With  fantasy races of  which players can create there own  unique Warcraft character.  For those of you that don’t play wow there are two sides in WOW in which you could choose to be on threes the Alliance and The Horde. Each side has a different set of races  for each side on the Alliance you Races like Night Elfs, Dwarfs, Gnomes, Humans, Dranei, and Worgen. On the Horde You have the Goblins, Orcs, Blood Elfs,Tauren, Trolls, and The Undead. Then theres the Neutral Classes which consist of recently added race Pandarians.

Along with unique races players can also choose  from a set of classes each with there own  ability’s based on the class choosen. Such classes include Warrior, Hunter,Paladin,Rogue,Priest,Shaman,Warlock, Mage, Druid and the most recently added class Monk.  From here players can all kinds of different and awesome characters

This makes warcraft game that you can spend hours going on adventurous quests and fight powerful bosses. But to a big  majority of of Warcraft players Warcraft is more then just a game. Over the years there  have bben people who have gotten married in world of Warcraft and in real life as well. Players who share a love and intrest in the game have found love and compatibility in each other through game play.  This compatibility would  then be followed up by a wedding cermony in which the WOW couple can invite players from there guild whom they play and raid with online as if it were a real life cermoney. What makes it even more interesting is that ceremony becomes a reality .

Along with happy wedding ceremony’s there have also been other more memorial and sadder ceremonies in in Warcraft  Funerals.  There have also been funeral ceremonies for players who have died in real life as well as software and game developers who have worked in the Blizzard company the company that created World of Warcraft. Members of the Blizzard team who have died include Ezra Chatterton (aka Ephoenix, 1996-2008) Blizzard had teh elder in Thunder bluff renamed to Ezra Wheathhof.


World of Warcraft has  become a community where people from all over the world whether they are from the U.S, France, Italy,Germany, Norway, Korea, China, Japan. The Warcraft has become a matrix where people can communicate and play with each other in ways never thought possible  You can form a guild and quest for the greatest treasures to obtain the best weapons or the best spells. You can Find love and acceptance  unlike you have never found in what society calls reality.  When you play World of Warcraft it becomes a part of you. You open a world where you can do so much from witting Front sabers to fighting Dragons and the Lich king.


That you will practically never get bored.  Its; not just average people who play Warcraft its celebrities as well like Mr. T, Ozzy Osborne  William Shaffer, Verne Troyer, and Full Metal Alchemist’s Vic  Mangina. As the celebrities would say I am Jorge Paiz and I’m a Warlock and I am apart of the Warcraft Community and i want to let everyone know who think the WarCraft Players don’t have a life let me tell you we have a life it’s just a more fun life with fun loving like minded people. So play world of Warcraft and let us know “Whats’s your Game” and Thank you World of Warcraft for 8 years of Awesome game play and we are looking forward to more.

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